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SLA Monitoring & Reporting

Supports validation of internal and external Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Easy and Seamless Integration

Installs onto your existing Capture solution.

Central Monitoring of Regional Offices (Geo-location)

Offers both monitoring of in-house processing tasks and regional office monitoring.

Real-time Data

Gives instant access to key data on system productivity.

High-Level Reports

Generates executive level reports on the operational efficiency of the solution.

Document Tracking

Tracks real-time progress and document locations.

Add transparency to your document processing solution

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Monitor Your Business Progress

You cannot improve what you do not measure. Integrating the Business Monitoring add-on as part of your Capture solution enhances your system’s overall business agility and brings your data monitoring capability to new levels. The software module combines supervision of current operations and infrastructure with downstream analysis and reporting.

By providing accurate service level metrics, real-time processing information, and historical process data, Business Monitoring adds process transparency to your Capture solution. At the same time, it helps you to monitor system productivity and health, address compliance requirements and fulfill customer service commitments to your internal as well as external stakeholders.


Easy integration and an intuitive interface

Our easy-to-understand monitoring dashboard, which diagnoses the system easily has been designed to seamlessly integrate with your capture solution. At the same time, no technical knowledge or access to the capture solution is required. Employees that are responsible for the monitoring (IT department, Business Intelligence experts, etc.) can access the dashboard directly via a web console and from one place diagnose the system easily from one place.

Systems at optimum performance

Extrapolates performance and activity data of the system and allows diagnosis and optimization of your automated processes.The delivered statistics on all processing steps allows you to accurately forecast the capabilities of your solution so that high-capacity events can be planned for. As all data is available in real-time, you can evaluate the system and decide instantly, whether it will meet the requirements for incoming processing jobs. The monitoring add-on will also check real-time system "health" and whether technical components are running as expected.

Business Insights from High-Level Reports

The dashboard displays all the activities within the system including current and historical processing parameters of the batches and documents providing metrics that your monitoring stakeholders really care about.Data is stored in a customizable data warehouse from which you can draw the relevant supporting.The module creates instant business reports or can be configured to deliver reports automatically on a weekly or monthly basis- ready as PDF or Microsoft® Excel® for review and immediate analysis.

End-to-end Visibility

Business Monitoring provides you with all the key data needed to make the document processing cycle fully transparent and resolve any situation before it becomes critical.
Follow your data through automatic warning notifications, status, document and batch tracking and regional monitoring.
With regional monitoring you can track any document in the system – even across distributed regions. At the push of a button, the software module displays the exact location of the document as well as its processing stage.

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